Bard of Armagh


The eagerly awaited launch of the Bard of Armagh Festival of Humorous Verse has taken place at the exquisite Sheils Bar and Restaurant in the ancient precinct of Tassagh.  The competition is celebrating 20 years of uproarious bardic revelry in 2014 and each year the roots go deeper and the branches higher as new writers and followers join the ranks. With £3000 in prizes, the call goes out once again to all aspiring bards to join the great fraternity at the biggest gathering of poets in Ireland at the November Finals.  Details about the event are on the bard website Three times Bard winner Patsy O’Hagan described how his participation in the competition gave him the confidence to continue writing and performing.  Patsy is now one of the most accomplished and engaging performers in these parts with a full diary of bookings.  Injector of merriment, champion of continuity, crafter of anecdote, wooer of audiences, embellisher of humour, pontificator of positivity, Patsy soon created a constant flow of rip-roaring laughter which raged even louder than the Callan which is just a few yards from the Bar.  His ‘Getting Dressed’ is presented with the same enthusiasm and uplift as when he won the Bard for the first time in 1997.  Keeping the standard at the remarkable high level were two other accomplished performers, Seamus Carolan from Roslea and Joan Rooney from Carrickmacross.  A message was read from reigning Bard Martin Hearty who is in Canada who hopes to follow up his ‘Culchie Gangster’ with another entry this year.  Thanks was paid to Armagh City and District Council, Dankse Bank and Autoline who are sponsoring the event in 2014.

Tribute was paid to the many people who attended the launch including:

The long knight of the garter in oxter high tights

The right honourable controller of candle wax and lights

The captain-in-chief to the ringer of bells

The regulator to the sinker and liner of wells


The twister responsible for the grass-rope and tether

That awful shower in charge of the weather

The cultivator of wiki-leaks and grower of scallions

The man who makes the mudguards for the Giro D’Itallians



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