Bard of Armagh



The competitors in the 2014 Bard finals have been named as they prepare for what promises to be the hottest competition  in the history of the event. Among the sixteen  Bards performing on Friday 21  November, are six  newcomers, three former bard winners, and five runners-up.   New energies, new themes, new accents and the presentation of a set of new odes will be foremost on the menu of jollification and hilarity at the much awaited feast of bardic revelry in the Armagh City Hotel.


Flying in from Newfoundland and eagerly looking forward to the Bard is Dave Paddon. Both Jimmy Rafferty and Phyllis Murphy have selected themes on ‘The Fifty Shades of Grey’ and little is left to the imagination.  Former winner Seamus Carolan from Roslea has revived the hugely popular ‘Agony Aunt’ factor which was such a central part of fabric of rural Ireland in the sixties ‘Dear Frankie!’  Neighbours Sean McCormack and Patsy McDermott  from Kells and Virginia respectively will become rivals on the night and all sorts of images can be conjured up with David McCormick’s ‘Murphy’s Spontaneous Combustion’.  Other themes involve wills, mature students and NAMA business.   Tickets are on sale at the Armagh City Hotel and through the Bard website www.bardofarmagh.com

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The 2014 contestants for the Bard of Armagh Festival of Humorous Verse are as follows:

Michael Cribben        (Cavan)           ‘Where There’s a Will’

Gerard McCormack  (Roscommon)            ‘Official Terminology’

Bernadette McKevitt        (Armagh)       ‘Mature Students’

Padraig McGinn         (Leitrim)       ’ Pessimists and Sourpusses’

Patrick Gormley        (Tyrone)       ‘A Grave Mistake’

Erinn Geraghty          (Galway)        ‘Customer Care’

Patsy McDermott     (Cavan)          ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’

Sean McCormack      (Meath)          ‘I Got You’

Phyllis Murphy           (Monaghan) ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Paul McArdle             (Louth)          ‘Minnie the Hare’

Jimmy Rafferty       (Armagh )      ‘Fifty Shades’

Seamus Carolan        (Fermanagh)  ‘Agony Aunt Frankie’

John McDonagh        (Sligo)            ‘The Cake that NAMA Baked’

David McCormick      (Down)          ‘Murphy’s Spontaneous Combustion’

Rob Barratt               (Cornwall)       ‘Missing Letterhead’

Dave Paddon              (Newfoundland) ‘A Christmas Truss'

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